Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This void.

This void,
does not fill with volatile verbal bubbles,
dangling,falling and breaking
around me,
But only with,
vibrant specks of that togetherness,
connecting you and me..

This void,
still awaits for a beautiful mist,
to descent in layers,
from a homely hillside,
capturing the silences
in the dreamy eyelids of a dozing flower,
in its soul..

This void,
tells me to empty myself in to your core,
fulfilling the hopes of an oasis,
sprouting inside the thoughts
of a hot summer day of a desert.

This void,
whispers in my ears,
to go to sleep,
in the cradle of your arms,
dreaming of the silvery threads
of monsoon rains,
hanging through silky clouds,
glittering stars of a moist night,
peeping through the veil of a satin breeze,
Dreaming of,
the smiling bright
unerroded face of a complete moon,
placidly resting,
in the velvety lap of a bluish sky,
humming an unknown melody,
evolving and echoing,
from my own soul..

loving you..

If I hide,
behind the blanket of your love,
Clouds may not find me..

If I sleep in the corner of a faith
the storms may not reach me..

If I keep humming my tunes
Which were made,
from the lyrics of your presence,
the summers and winters
may never let me down..

A teardrop may feel,
itself as a dew drop.
a nightmare may hesitate,
to step on to my window.
a gloomy sky may not,
hide its half moon in shame,
a breeze may not shiver,
in its own coldness..

The dreams will always,
bear those florets,
while hopes will always,
emit that fragrance..
Colours will evolve,
more and more in rainbows,
lights will find more
brightness in starry eyelids..

If I sit,
under the roof of your trust,
the rains drizzling outside may make,
fresh notes for me,
in a rhythm so new,
one they never tried
before for anyone,
I may then sleep,
holding your thoughts,
closely to my bosom,
In that night ,
where we met for the first time..

lover's song..

Be with me tonight,
and hold my hands,
when there are no stars,
so the sky looks so plain..
The half broken moon when
hide among soft clouds ,
looks down to earth in
Search of the torn piece..
I cannot say you
In words or any phrases,
How much I miss you,
And how much I need you..
And how many times,
A hundred or thousand,
I wish to ask you
How much you love me..
When my heart beats ,
Go on climbing,
With fear and doubts that,
Haunt any loving heart..
Be with me tonight,
And brak my silences,
With a melody of your soul
And rhythm of your choice.
I wish to look in to
Your brown eyes eternally,
To see those endless
Waves of my ocean..


When the fragrance of the white lillies,
Infiltrate in to my substance,
I miss you..
You may ask once again,
‘What more you need from here.?’
I will say,
I wish to go once again
and to wander in those hillsides ,
holding your hand in mine,
stumbling through bushes and thorns,
drenching in flowery rains,
showered by trees and creepers..

I wish to fly through the breeze,
Which hold the fragrance of unseen white lillies
and sleep in that clear blue skies
And to die in the clouds..

I wish to look in to your eyes
and insinuate,
in to the depths of your heart..

When I sleep,
holding you close to my bossom,
I will tell you
many stories which are still sleeping..
I don’t know wether you may laugh or cry
after that,
but I made them sleep
only for you..

There is no bitterness in my lullaby..

The brightness of love
will emerge from my eyes,
and beam in to your core,
like a stream.,
crystal clear and calm..
Don’t hinder its flow
by your palms..

In your voices,
I am just a stranger.
but in my colours,
you are my canvas...
and when me and my colours,
mingle with you and your stranger
today I have something to call,
a name,
known as life..

Beyond promises

It was somewhere,
beyond the words,
where I met you,
for the first time,
and it was somewhere,
beyond promises,
you came searching me,
for the first time..

You were born in sketches,
which I didn’t know ,
how to draw or paint,
but you took me,
to those melodious songs,
which I couldn’t hear before anyatime.

Now how can I be separated,
and be away from you ever?

I am now coiled around your nerves,
as another fibril ,
of the same colour,
ascending and descending,
the same spiral track along you..

now how can I be separated and stretched,
in to another thread?

Now whatever I may explore,
will end in you,
when my thoughts carry ,
only your texture and fragrances...

When your fingers dip,,
the watery dreams,
are over flowing by all sides,
inside me,
as the pot was already filled ,
till the edges
with you and your love..

Now I know,
today onwards,
I will search only for you,
among the silvery threads of rains,
and in between,
the soft satin curtains of winds,
and in the hillfolds ,
overhanging the valleys..

Even if you would be lost oneday,
in the flow of a spring ,
inside the chain of seasons,
now I know,
I will be longing, only for you..

This is not a colourful word,
I am presenting to you,
wrapped in a golden foil,
it is a promise I make to myself,
in this land of ours,
beyond all promises..


Your voice is inside my being,
your presence is inside my belonging..
I don’t need ,to beg or demand,
to the time ,for your possession..

May be that is what makes me,
always happy with you ,
wherever and whatever I am,
apart and away from the world and its ways..

I can’t make it understood ever,
what it means to me,
to be with you, as a single self,
And I wont even try to do it,
as it may disturb,
the tranquillity and transparency,
of your invisible presence,
inside my core..

you ,me and these moments..

In these moments,
where I see you as my reflection,
I am transformed in to a mirror,
which looks in to your eyes,
to see my image..

I stand here seeing,
the colour of my dreams,
and shape of my thoughts,
in your being..

I inhale and exhale,
through your breathing.
the bloodflow in my arteries,
originate in your heartbeats..

These moments are priceless,
where I don’t need to search,
my breaths and heartbeats,
where I sense in your cells,
my love only..

These moments where I know,
the distance from me to you,
is that between those parallel lines,
who came closer and closer,
and merged with one another..
And it hasn’t even the size of ,
a gap between any two,
randomely chosen sequential moments..

In these moments,
where the presence and essence,
become one,
my existence slowly dissolves,
and disappear inside your smile..