Tuesday, November 23, 2010

loving you..

If I hide,
behind the blanket of your love,
Clouds may not find me..

If I sleep in the corner of a faith
the storms may not reach me..

If I keep humming my tunes
Which were made,
from the lyrics of your presence,
the summers and winters
may never let me down..

A teardrop may feel,
itself as a dew drop.
a nightmare may hesitate,
to step on to my window.
a gloomy sky may not,
hide its half moon in shame,
a breeze may not shiver,
in its own coldness..

The dreams will always,
bear those florets,
while hopes will always,
emit that fragrance..
Colours will evolve,
more and more in rainbows,
lights will find more
brightness in starry eyelids..

If I sit,
under the roof of your trust,
the rains drizzling outside may make,
fresh notes for me,
in a rhythm so new,
one they never tried
before for anyone,
I may then sleep,
holding your thoughts,
closely to my bosom,
In that night ,
where we met for the first time..

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