Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When the fragrance of the white lillies,
Infiltrate in to my substance,
I miss you..
You may ask once again,
‘What more you need from here.?’
I will say,
I wish to go once again
and to wander in those hillsides ,
holding your hand in mine,
stumbling through bushes and thorns,
drenching in flowery rains,
showered by trees and creepers..

I wish to fly through the breeze,
Which hold the fragrance of unseen white lillies
and sleep in that clear blue skies
And to die in the clouds..

I wish to look in to your eyes
and insinuate,
in to the depths of your heart..

When I sleep,
holding you close to my bossom,
I will tell you
many stories which are still sleeping..
I don’t know wether you may laugh or cry
after that,
but I made them sleep
only for you..

There is no bitterness in my lullaby..

The brightness of love
will emerge from my eyes,
and beam in to your core,
like a stream.,
crystal clear and calm..
Don’t hinder its flow
by your palms..

In your voices,
I am just a stranger.
but in my colours,
you are my canvas...
and when me and my colours,
mingle with you and your stranger
today I have something to call,
a name,
known as life..

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