Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you ,me and these moments..

In these moments,
where I see you as my reflection,
I am transformed in to a mirror,
which looks in to your eyes,
to see my image..

I stand here seeing,
the colour of my dreams,
and shape of my thoughts,
in your being..

I inhale and exhale,
through your breathing.
the bloodflow in my arteries,
originate in your heartbeats..

These moments are priceless,
where I don’t need to search,
my breaths and heartbeats,
where I sense in your cells,
my love only..

These moments where I know,
the distance from me to you,
is that between those parallel lines,
who came closer and closer,
and merged with one another..
And it hasn’t even the size of ,
a gap between any two,
randomely chosen sequential moments..

In these moments,
where the presence and essence,
become one,
my existence slowly dissolves,
and disappear inside your smile..

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