Tuesday, November 23, 2010

lover's song..

Be with me tonight,
and hold my hands,
when there are no stars,
so the sky looks so plain..
The half broken moon when
hide among soft clouds ,
looks down to earth in
Search of the torn piece..
I cannot say you
In words or any phrases,
How much I miss you,
And how much I need you..
And how many times,
A hundred or thousand,
I wish to ask you
How much you love me..
When my heart beats ,
Go on climbing,
With fear and doubts that,
Haunt any loving heart..
Be with me tonight,
And brak my silences,
With a melody of your soul
And rhythm of your choice.
I wish to look in to
Your brown eyes eternally,
To see those endless
Waves of my ocean..

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