Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beyond promises

It was somewhere,
beyond the words,
where I met you,
for the first time,
and it was somewhere,
beyond promises,
you came searching me,
for the first time..

You were born in sketches,
which I didn’t know ,
how to draw or paint,
but you took me,
to those melodious songs,
which I couldn’t hear before anyatime.

Now how can I be separated,
and be away from you ever?

I am now coiled around your nerves,
as another fibril ,
of the same colour,
ascending and descending,
the same spiral track along you..

now how can I be separated and stretched,
in to another thread?

Now whatever I may explore,
will end in you,
when my thoughts carry ,
only your texture and fragrances...

When your fingers dip,,
the watery dreams,
are over flowing by all sides,
inside me,
as the pot was already filled ,
till the edges
with you and your love..

Now I know,
today onwards,
I will search only for you,
among the silvery threads of rains,
and in between,
the soft satin curtains of winds,
and in the hillfolds ,
overhanging the valleys..

Even if you would be lost oneday,
in the flow of a spring ,
inside the chain of seasons,
now I know,
I will be longing, only for you..

This is not a colourful word,
I am presenting to you,
wrapped in a golden foil,
it is a promise I make to myself,
in this land of ours,
beyond all promises..

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